Indulge in our exclusive spa at Metta Villa & Spa

A holistic spa indulgence awaits to fulfill your every wish with an all-natural package that includes herbal and floral concoctions. We offer full spa treatments to leave you feeling like you've had a real holiday. With our professional therapists, gracious Khmer hospitality, and a calming environment ensure an unforgettable spa experience. Our spa packages are designed, using a combination of most popular treatments so that our guests can be treated to the luxury and attention they deserve.

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Visakha Heritage Ritual

  • Floral foot ritual : 10min
  • Khmer herbal body scrub : 60min
  • Traditional Khmer massage : 60min
  • Refreshment : 10min
  • ** Total 140min = 50.00USD

Essence of Metta
  • Floral foot ritual : 10min
  • Visakha milky bath : 30min
  • Relaxing aromatherapy: 90min
  • Visakha facial refreshment: 50min
  • ** Total 180min = 77.00USD

Couple Slumber Guru Experience
  • Aromatic bath ritual : 10min
  • Relaxing neck, back and shoulder massage : 40min
  • Refreshment : 10min
  • Special sleep amenities : 30min
  • ** Total 90min = 45.00USD